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Let's turn to our unique democracy. If the PRI as an official party was responsible for the electoral fraud of 1988 accomplished the same fault loaded PAN compared to 2006. And the PRD can say, in a tight review of sins, that their leaders have been unable to renew without the turbulence caused by the traps and ambushes, to a large extent, this is the origin of the obvious fork in fact, of this current partisanon the one hand, the leader, López Obrador and searches for other shelters, on the other, called "mongrels" experts in the murky alliances. The history of the public outrage does not end, therefore, in the alleged death certificate of the PRI, come awkwardly in the euphoric hour Fox arriba, or alternation announced, with thunderous trumpets of glory, to the hegemony of the party that was almost unique.Nor can express that corruption has been segregated from the public to shift when the call "old regime." In fact, there are bad elements, such as nepotism and the propensity to do business from and with power, who are now presented as revised and expanded version of what we already knew and deplored at the time. To refuse to fall into a vulgar naivete behind the curtain that hides the creeping behavior of the unconditional.The water and oil together in the strange mixture of PAN and PRD is intended to be a kind of righteous mix to close the passage to the PRI stale, over the decade that we close this year, opted to renew without even beginning the journey to her.There is no doubt about the pervasiveness of crime and the pernicious old groups, wise in the management of blackmail and outstanding invoices as integrators thread a political class more rooted in their vices than their virtues. Just to emphasize, corroborating the above, in the mistaken strategy to ensure regional elections on July 4 benefit at the expense of allowing governors to draw their "successors."The setbacks, should be recognized as well, were tremendous. There is no doubt that, for example, Mario López Valdez Sinaloa "Malov" and José Rosas Aispuro duranguense, among others, would have been splendid PRI candidates, rolling in the respective state elections, not for the capricious bias in favor of the governors said that holders of all controls, even in shaping the future through their puppets.And in sin, this is the miscalculation led penance. Today these characters, and others, are part of the baggage "Alliance" even though, of course, you can not rent the ideological nor conscience unless it has lost all political morality.The leaders of the PAN, the acolyte Cesar Nava, and the PRD, the loudmouth Jesus Ortega, in the courtship of the right in the central power with the left has never recognized the PAN federal government insist on having met in search of an end common displace the PRI, the worst of it according to the exalted philippic Nava, to encourage democratic life in the states that have not witnessed alternation between parties in power for more than eighty years.However, in most cases the "opposition" loathed their own pictures and decided to support ... cleaved by the PRI governors pride. That is:without prejudice to marginalize their militancy, PRD and PAN together, next to Convergence and the Labor Party-related entities, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his radicals, who preferred to throw the clothes had to let go of taking advantage of the PRI to compete platforms "dissidents" who were offered.They were mourning, yes, as if it were second rounds, less contaminated by the intervention of the leaders wrongs, among fellow separated only by the beneficial owner of the local power group without training or awareness disclaimers. Now, if the PRD and PAN, which justified its alliances with the PRI and how hate becomes of them, why then moved to their coreligionists, and their ideologies, so to defeat the PRI?In any case, why not join the PRD to his "cousin", the PRI, of course, to fight in Aguascalientes and Tlaxcala and thus overcome the stagnant PAN in both entities? "And the PAN should not do the same , ally with the PRI, to defeat the PRD in Zacatecas chiefdom? Is it because these three entities in the PRI, won, did not require any alliance?Clearly, the PAN holds the central power, did not grow structurally and acts as an opponent when it suits in different scenery, and the PRD lost its consistency simply to become, unfortunately, in an amorphous element is unable, by itself, to develop sectarianism and the flag. Involutions, no doubt. And the PRI? Of course, but despite their many and all his vices on his back, alive, much more than in 2000 when it eroded betrayals.Hitting Debate PRI is only a biased position, convenenciera and opportunistic, because it denotes the belief of his opponents to be spotless before an uninformed public. That is, the PAN is seen as a guarantor of the times because, in any case, the past and the legacy of the PRI are worse, and the PRD believes that the prospect for the future, if in 2012 it in 2018, belongs as a third option the government fails its "allies" on the right.As if they were distant from their own sorrows and mistakes, offering only his best virtues. Manichaeism in the superlative.Because certainly I do not understand that the PAN to PRI cacique hate when, for example, have been able to negotiate with factions of the party in Congress, effectively in terms of short-term revenue and expenditure budgets and for some key reforms, such as energy and tax, and have not done so, however, with the PRD and its "allies", suffocated by the sectarian troubles.So are the PRI, from this vision, the bad guys? Nor is understandable that the PRD, composed largely of those who emigrated from the PRI and even the mafia groups of the institute as the Salinas, prefers to go hand in hand with the right insulted them in 2006 with a rigged election, while inviting and encourage outstanding PRI militants to move into the halls of the left. But not only that:to take advantage of former PRI outstanding training, including Manuel Camacho Solis and Marcelo Ebrard to name just two, to extend coverage. And, in fact, Camacho was the master builder of the murky alliances. Basically despise the PRI, then why PAN and PRD are nurtured them in their feverish race to the state powers?On the other hand, did for the PAN PRD was not focused where the "danger" for Mexico if it was a shift to the left? For the PRD and the PAN were not met from the point of perverse extremists, such as those of the "Yunque" both celebrated recent victories Alliance, ready to sell sovereignty and social finalize old flags? But, of course, do not answer these questions. They do not want to do or, rather, do not dare and so the evade.They merely say that few analyze, critically of course, the genius of the dispute, thereby favoring the PRI and, therefore, to this pass their bills. Fallacies. The Challenge The PRI, against the usual sophistry, not lost in the recent elections thirteen and a half million votes to divest from Sinaloa, Puebla and Oaxaca.Rather, given the advantages of the Alliance between three and seven points, divided by the victors who had to present a united front and, consequently, also prevalent among them spraying of the vote. In this perspective, a few days ago, the economist Gabriel Reyes Orona, who was a strong prosecutor and submit waiver Vicente Fox, made me reflect that, is priceless:- In a democracy is to prevail credited voice of the majority and not that which comes from the sum of several minorities to crush another. The murky alliances converge from the second stage while achieving most, canceled or postponed indefinitely for the second round now comitial that could settle the issue, remains an achievable goal between the major operators of sectarianism undemocratic.The anecdote in the days of PRI hegemony, of contrasts and permanent truculence, used to repeat the luckiest in the bid for public office: - Our party-it was all that integrated government-is as wise as the popular philosophy . It is a suit cut to size of Mexicans. The propensity of their opponents to draw on the tables PRI extends and confirms the assertion;and also the profound confusion of collective riot-weary and lacking sufficient information collated and, on the future of the country and its political class. The costs of shady alliances are just foreseeing. And a need to integrate cabinets from polarized positions! Governance, no less, is at risk after the exalted triumphs of July 4. No small thing.

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