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Monday, July 5, 2010

Among the most vicious political current environment, according to the views of tens of readers, we note the name of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, also identified as the "Mafia boss" by Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his lackeys usual.Even the most seasoned PRI do not deny the character's ability to intrigue and assault even when these conditions are observed as part of their own "genius", perhaps it led him to finalize his administration during the years of barbarism , 1994, and the structural financial crisis moved him away from Ernesto Zedillo, his successor and former president more connected to the offices of Washington.

Well, no doubt, Salinas is a high-flying trader whose current strength stems from two incontrovertible facts: the absence of leaders and the lack of power because of the prevailing fears and stupidity of those who claim to rule and choose to stay in their peremptory institutional shelters.The PRI, for example, separated from the presidential residence and therefore no higher will depend on a central, otearon to the former leaders demanding the cover of moral and political dependency, in many cases has the taste of impunity. So, of course, Salinas sent.

In our recent work, "2012:The Succession "-Ocean, 2010 - insist on the links in this unique character with some of the relevant actors in our recent past which is nothing but this woozy. Are tremendous, really, considering that keeps noticeable influence on actors of different parties and groups with great maneuverability and exalted to the future projects. In a perspective where mediocrity prevails, the influence can not be less Salinas.

So, the most influential former president since the era of maximato chiropodist can boast of having marked cards in each of the options through partisan candidates, of course, claim the protection although the distances and hide to save appearances.So it has always done, even when planned succession under the PRI nomination of the late Luis Donaldo Colosio, who replaced Ernesto Zedillo over gore, and the multifaceted Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, now seen as the scapegoat of a scenario no feet ... but with the head.

In fact, the father of former President Raul Salinas Lozano, who was minister during the administration of Adolfo Lopez Mateos, on condition of Trade and Industry Secretary, was vehement when he insisted that the PAN Fernandez de Cevallos, closely related to it, means a greater guarantee for the group that blew up that Zedillo himself, once consummated the drama of Lomas Taurinas.The near Salinas Lozano heard from him, where the arrival of the First Judicial Zedillo was completed, he had always maintained that Diego and Ernesto was the one who should have gone ahead to ensure, in every way, the continuity of Salinas despite the alternation.

This confirms the true partnership that characterized two separate characters buried despite outbursts of Fernandez de Cevallos, who, as revealed Salinas came to complain that their direct involvement to ensure the victory of the PRI, also favored by the vote of fear, in a climate provocation increasingly bipolar. And Diego was pretty sparse when it should explain why it cornered in the terminal phase of the campaign violated:said this perception was due to biased and partial management especially the mass media.

The kidnapping of Fernandez de Cevallos, moreover, came at a conjunctural moment of enormous importance. That May 14, when he was stopped outside his ranch, Diego accounted for the major opposition within the PAN, the unconditional Felipe Calderón, César Nava Vázquez to the head.This fact undoubtedly pollutes the scenes well, especially considering the close ties of character with the most relevant Salinas. The connotations become dramatic.

Maybe Salinas, at the time, did not dare step into the rotation to avoid being the one who went down in history as a loser. But he kept watching, yes, to the end.And he ended up opting for Zedillo, after listening to "doctor" Joseph-Marie Cordoba Montoya, who in turn, was prepared to substitute with enough anticipation to make as a "sword of Damocles over the head of the unfortunate Colosio.The truculence of history, of course, takes on new relevance in the light of the current scenario where the political breakdown is extreme and dare to uncover applicants, without undermining loyalties, looking for lights, microphones and cameras.

Among the PAN, of course, the fear is that flag opponents and gained much advantage. But Salinas smiles and has his reasons.


Salinas, then, has stuck to the bottom hand on the process of succession. As anyone would say, considering that the omnipotent Elba Esther Gordillo, Queen of the powers, is also a key part of Grupo Salinas and perhaps the best of its operator. Let's see.

1 .- Within the PRI, of course, the two most significant currents have the same source.On the one hand, the Mexican governor, Enrique Peña Nieto, does not deny the sponsorship even if he tries to disdain the questions in this respect by the other, the anti-Peña informal candidacy, including Sen. Manlio Fabio Beltrones, the most influential Federal paragraphs, also assume the leadership of former president fueling the idea that, no doubt, could act when the time comes, as the "eminence grise".The bet is doubled and the only common thread between paths alternatives are, without doubt, the former president himself.

2 .- If the PAN oteamos to find the mighty Elbe, the "Bride of Chucky" in the foreground. And it certainly plays very well his measured and the resulting odds. Your perspective depends largely on how much to develop, by the side of Felipe Calderon, owner of Public Education, Alonso Lujambio, who flatly denies not cross the parish:threatened him many times, even five times, to define what the relationship with Mrs. Gordillo, politely evaded the question. Only the desktop looked Vasconcelos at the headquarters of the SEP.

So, of course, the very Lujambio, without the slightest twinge or less civility policy, ended up being used as a keynote speaker driver and rallies late "Elbistan" Miguel Angel Yunes, PAN for convenience rather than conviction, in its unbridled order to obtain the governorship of Veracruz in spite of his winding past in this state where and acted, in fact, as governor ... poor cornering the Patricio Chirinos from the general secretariat of government.Lujambio, at the close of the campaign, insisted on referring to "click to" not realizing he was spitting up and not only to sprinkle the governor Fidel Herrera.

3 .- Finally, the PRD horizon, there is a unique dumbbell under the usual camouflage-both the "master" as the investor Roberto Hernandez, the biggest opponent of Carlos Slim among the major financial, agree in their support to the head of government Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard.It is well known that Ms. Gordillo has two major "weaknesses": the aforementioned Ebrard and, indeed, Jorge Castañeda Gutman, former chancellor of the Fox administration. And is ready to support when necessary to first. A bridge, beside the winding, between two extremes that touch to the radical López Obrador, an opponent of Salinas, and the teachers' union set up as more than a true balance.

Three games, three cases and a single axis.

The Challenge

Yesterday's elections in the same line, also converge to the interests of former president whose charters are more decisive inward than out of the country where perhaps the most influential voice is that of Dr. Zedillo, the great pretender. So, of course, the "master" had a strange duality: Alliance candidates supported in the amalgamation of PAN with the PRD, in Veracruz, Puebla and Sinaloa;PRI and the other entities with the exception of Oaxaca where chosen because the diapers, the party by name as a woman, was alone. To the wise ...

Post-election conflict that advertise converge, therefore, to the same dispute.Enough to discern, of course, what the real stakes of real power placed above party and even the presidential palace, to determine who was the real winner beyond the votes cast. We will say that the statement is offensive to those who went to the polls in good faith pledge. This is not the intention, but rather try to clear the smoke that covered the dense converted processes now in magazines.

The Trivia

For those cliques told me of a character, with very high credentials and positions, with a dark and bitter family history.

In Morelia, the last twenty years, the head of the family broke down in violence against the stability of the home. And the wayward child, without more, intervened to expel it. Not only that denounced the abusive parent and never forgave him ... even in his death bed.With this bitterness on his back, resulting in addiction generated largely by emotional upheavals, remained the stem wounded in the political arena to achieve great heights.

It is a story, of course. An anecdote. Assume, dear readers, who are the protagonists of this chronicle perhaps to understand just where they can lead to all, rooted traumas are not simple to solve. Any coincidence ... already know.

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