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We know that presidential initiatives are offered to society in the seven locks of ineffective government. That is, they attempt to justify to management agent on duty even when they weigh in advance the impossibility of implementing new regulations to the conspicuous absence of consensus. A double reading with letters of intent rather murky:search as no agreements or approaches, the only thing that truly are privileged are the degree fractious sectarianism. And the holder of federal executive, following the Academy of Pontius Pilate, washes his hands. A government, yeah, like that of Rome in the process of collapse.
Now the president argues against the military courts where it was he who extended allowing military troops take to the streets, not just the border cities but few are under the scourge of uncontrollable vendettas, without stopping at gross excesses against a public which is increasingly helpless, defenseless up we would say.And very few who, in defense of state sovereignty violated, stick out, demanding that the leaders take action against abusers uniform.
The complaints are multiplying without a parallel march officials are aware of the illegal committed by every culture keep the loot and believe that the guns they ensure the availability of every kind in respect to the aggregate disarmed.Because, of course, they have not been enough, in many instances, consummating property crime but, above all, have extended the sexual insults without even worrying about the consequences.
To write without euphemisms, overflowing with soldiers as happens with pedophile priests: their nests to protect their own considering that forded the only way to discredit the institution, either the Army or the Church.The ambiguity is stilted, since it entails a huge dose of cynicism and a perverse collusion because the "saved", of course, tend to pay the favor with the support of the unconditional do not think, just as they validate their superiors or their " Messiah desktop or confessional. Nothing worse, I insist, between the fauna of political predators.
Calderon reacted, of course, when the White House through several spokesmanships, read the primer on the Mexican government insisted that the militarization of the conflict areas had proved counterproductive. Of course it has never been effective formula put the Church in the hands of Luther, as usually arises every time are designed to prevent a mess mediating the action of those who forged or are infiltrated by them.And it is no secret, nor to Washington observers, the collusion of the mafia tremendous dominant part of the military structure-not all yet, fortunately.
So, the claim to erase the military courts not only prove ineffective but also late, two of the seals with which the administration based calderonista continuity without the slightest democratic:citizenship did not intervene when the same person decided to focus on the military agenda by linking its own functions to those of military commanders, nor when otherwise chordal, ie the phased withdrawal of troops, thus completing the analysis Pentagon and other U.S. security institutions.Had it not been for them, it is clear, would have never budge as it does not, under any circumstances, when the opposition claimed, rightly, to ensure consensus first before imposing flawed criteria for the interests of the dome government. In the first call it cooperation, to the latter right is considered a "brake" to the alleged institutional change that transcends the paper.
Of course, in a modern democracy, the military courts should not prevail over the demand for justice flat. But in Mexico remain strong atavisms specific bounded according to the vision of the poor, livelihoods unfortunately a bureaucracy increasingly less prepared, as recognized even by political leaders, "ready to forge an endless list of justifications vulgar.Therefore do not understand the tremendous distortion that deprives the members of the armed forces positions in the exercise stations, confining them to a status of second class citizens, along with the religious who can vote but not be voted for as a derivative of the ancient Mexico's socio-political trauma. And at the same time, it gives them impunity for justice agencies to submit only the military. Give and take on democracy to two bands.
Only in our modern country has antidotes in each row.
In the same vein, why do not we continue with the political jurisdictions?The inconvenience of them became more apparent after April 2005, exactly five years ago when, despite the outcry collective, disbarment is the head of the Federal District government, whose mandate was due to the popular will expressed at the polls without any objections, to continue with it the "lynching", orchestrated from Los Pinos as a part-confession of the Fox and subsequently was admitted to record that, after all, they got their way interviniendo directly and illegally in the electoral process of 2006 - intended to prevent, from the origin, Andrés Manuel López Obrador as a presidential candidate could be erected by placing at risk the continuity informal right. (Another thing, of course, is the psychological profile of the character).
The trials of origin, as they are called legally, only hinder the course of justice, especially when those who hold out are discovered in flagrante delicto as a result even felonies. The procedure, usually rigged by the references above, facilitates the application of the "medicine of time" generating public amnesia, thanks to which the cease and illegal scandals are forgotten.How many senior officials, including presidents and legislators have ignored the recommendations of the National Commission on Human Rights abuses that deserve, in a clear rule of law, be pursued to its logical conclusion, is the imprisonment or disqualification public office? The list is so long that it is feared to have no hands to close the latches of the cells from outside.
The argument for the constitutional privilege is based on the imperative of absolute freedom to give opinions but, as we know, another is the padlock from the stands chambers, every day, it reminds those who use them not to launch personal referents which reduce a large proportion, the sense and strength of the allegations. And they call this civility with the hypocrisies surfacing everywhere.
The forum, analyzed from this perspective, no longer support protector-as is the vanguard Amparo-lock to become tricky to ensure the greater good: the justice, of course. In the Mexico of the simulations it is of strategic importance in terms of setting up partnerships that lead to underground realm of complicity.And it is necessary, imperative we say, unlock the wrongs and cover the loopholes to ensure the viability of the country ahead of sectarian and partisan diatribes.
The Challenge
Within this range of preconceived confusion we note the trade established on the reports, allegedly confidential, derived from the electoral roll. Is conceivable, yes, the leaks;government negligence but reached the same level of the transgression of the Treasury. What officials, among them the highest, will answer for it? Not just the peaceful recognition of the fact by the thoughtful interior secretary, Fernando Gómez Mont, nor the "anger" of the holder of federal executive, as explained skilled in the art of simulation as well as some of his predecessors, especially his beloved Dr. Zedillo.
Did the first symptom of the above was not in the final days of 2006, when it became clear the treacherous intervention Hidelbrando Zavala Gómez del Campo, brother of Felipe Calderón, in the development of parallel lists enjoyment of presidential paraphernalia? That complaint, like many others, remained in outline, not the corrosive evil that now shocked to amnesic.
By this point should be started if, indeed, attempt a thorough reorganization.What does it hurt the already deteriorating institution of the presidency? Well, it does not matter given the seriousness of recidivism. Because, as we understand, this is progress in democratic life and not to anchor in the same defects as the alternation fathered a decade ago. Or are we all wrong?
The Trivia
In September 1994, after the crime against Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, within the Chamber of Deputies determined the "inconvenience" of carrying out a trial comes against the then legislator Manuel Munoz Rocha, chairman of the Agriculture Committee times when the holder of the branch in the federal administration was nothing less than the mighty Carlos Hank Gonzalez.It was claimed that this would recognize the responsibility of the person before determining their participation, as the alleged mastermind of the murder referred.
Muñoz was how had the strength to take away, leaving the country was seen in San Antonio, Texas, without being arrested because the authorities there did not know the aftermath of the case, "and send your application to their chamber. Since then he has been unable to reach him:some dead and others insist that just might change the personality profile and benefit from the privileges of the underground complicity. Did the forum for good? Would be worthwhile to reflect on it before falling into the usual cliches.
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