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BY Rafael Loret de Mola

Two years ago, the Pope, of course, talked about peace within the United Nations.And he reiterated his request for forgiveness for the harm inflicted on society because of religious abusers, even high rank, whose track ignominious credibility of the flock and perhaps part has meant, at least, substantial loss of parishioners around the Catholic Church, universal name but often trapped in poverty to biased interpretations.

Yet, for example, the Holy See are encouraged to discuss priestly celibacy and equality of women who are denied the right to be ministers of religion, two subjects among democracies largely superseded in progress.There is not any step to understanding abortion in the context of modern justice, the consequences, for example, a violation that maximize the pain of those who cause an unwanted product, "nor discussed the reasons for those who opt for divorce to save their own stocks. Perhaps the greatest number of murders called gender do not derive from the inability to match characters and impossible to maintain a closeness between spouses who have lost respect?In many cases prevents the lesser evil, or you can do, a tragedy.

I know also many cases of Catholic couples, deeply devout and who have contracted a second marriage after being separated from their spouses before the civil courts, tormented by the impossibility of receiving the sacraments and be marginalized by autocracy Vatican-no even serve another term as a euphemism, "viewed with suspicion and segregated.Come on, if by some off, there would be room for them in the temples only in the basement or in the back rows as in the days of racism exacerbated condemning women and men of color to the humiliation of giving up their places on buses whites. Is it not absolutely retrograde?

In similar vein is located homosexuals are gaining rights of society.Even they have established the genetic causes that give rise to this condition before seen as a sign of unnatural perversity. Although in their defense, they forget the essentials for parody, this is without meditating on the rights of others and turning the streets for their venting trenches, segregation is not sustainable in terms of civility.And the church did not even hear them as if that would deny the keys of salvation to a conglomerate nurtured and increasingly influential.

From all the Pope had to talk but did not. Or New York or in Rome. Just, again, apologized for the wrongs of pedophiles with whose "exploits" it is possible to collect entire books.Some of the most important for its scandals, such as the famous Father Marcial Maciel, Mexican, Cotija, and founder of the Legionaries of Christ, an institution with more economic than moral weight should be stressed, did not receive more punishment than a brief separation their ministries in the terminal phase of their existence full of deep contradictions, also a reproach, softened by the protection of the highest ranks.

Justice was not done and a simple request for forgiveness will not counter the fact. Or is it enough to the German government with an apology, like so many issued by their foreign ministers, to erase the horror of the Holocaust and evading the payment of compensation to which he was obliged after being defeated in World War II?Of course, such financial contributions are not essential but the recognition of the genocide which registration should serve to avoid further persecution xenophobic.

And put one closest example: Ali AGSA, the Turk who shot John Paul II in May 1981, had the opportunity to apologize to him in his cell and that was not redeemed or released.The Great extended his blessing but not a pardon that obvious to say, not his but he could have asked the Italian authorities that, perhaps, might have pleased. Not so, naturally, because the coercion imposed is also a defense of society against any possibility of recurrence.

However, the Church is not in the same direction when it comes to protecting, even to levels evident shame, religious sinners hurt ties, which should be sacred, between them and their faithful. Forgiveness is not enough late.


Benedict XVI is passionate about dogma and faith, precisely the conditions under which, according to Canon Law, the pope is infallible, it is not wrong because it is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, part of the Trinity God, who turns on him the grace of wisdom final. Similarly, the election of the Pontiff said guided by the same sanctity intangible.

This provision immovable within Catholicism have emerged with the creation messianic right to demand similar treatment and reach the level considered equally infallible. Such was the genius of presidentialism corrosive whose slopes arrive at the current channels in a Mexico dominated by simulations, and also the ominous strong claim to be the guarantors of freedom drawn to the convenience of them.Thus, the guest of the White House is named, no less, "leader of the free world" in full exacerbation of Western fundamentalism. Do you have moral authority to judge then the emissaries of an equally feverish counterpart by fanaticism?

Yes it should speak the Bishop of Rome, German origin and as such surviving War armistice and before weighing a government, the U.S., deeply contaminated by the warmongering, greed and speculation that spread only inequality, hunger and oppression throughout the world out of balance where it is undisputed hegemony and even where it holds also for reasons of dogma, the earthly representation of God.Such is the meaning of the recent trip of Pope Ratzinger as champion of peace in the nation and invasive warrior of all time next to the president and most insolent and wicked of all those we have witnessed in recent decades.

Proponents argue, it also explains that the Pope was in search of his flock, by the way the majority of Hispanic origin, "although this visit to the White House as head of state is" the greatest power of our era against the smallest nation and symbolic, "and spread messages studied to attempt the impossible: convince the world that the U.S. government, destabilizing par excellence, is the major guarantor of peace and freedom.To think and to integrate Western fundamentalists do not even apologize for their barbaric excesses. There are images of the Taliban at Guantanamo were treated by the guards as they would not treat their dogs, to verify the level of human misery that his captors treated. At this level of obfuscation we have come.

I wonder if it would be a blow exceptional advertising as well, meeting the Pope, in his capacity as Pastor whose fundamental mission is to redeem and save souls, and much more torture victims, prisoners with extremists who have been subjected to untold torture , subhuman, in the vent of hatred.Do you forgive those who, feeling victims of the horror of September 2001, justifying the exacerbation of xenophobia and even terrorists insane cruelty to feel less burdened by powerlessness, the terrible anguish of helplessness? From this, of course, also had to talk the Pope in his role, always leading, the great conciliator.

The Challenge

When it comes time to expand its agenda to Mexico, Joseph Ratzinger, who was so close to John Paul the Great, the great Pope who chose to try to close the floodgates of scandal, should also talk about the crime against Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo. Do not forget that a few months after the fact infamous, the Bishop of Rome he traveled to the Yucatan and barely had a line referring to the drama, settling a controversy and that he failed.It was, without doubt, one of the outstanding debts with the Mexicans wanted Wojtyla.

Benedict XVI must therefore speak out and demand the right-wing government which now heads to the institutions of our country, so often sought refuge in religious icons to expand and the breath of a popular representative questioned, not only less biased but inquiries Above all, the breath of justice to unlock the process and direct it toward those who, under the cloak stained Salinas as shame, slander the victim closing the circle of investigations track pointing toward the top of political power.

This should speak the Pope before remembering that it is necessary to honor Juan Diego in the chapel opened by its predecessor.

The Trivia

It was during the time of the Constitutional Reform Salinas to 130. With it the churches, of all signs, they left their recognized legal hiding in his capacity of legal persons for the law.It was the essential step in resuming diplomatic relations between our country and the Vatican.

In this context, let me consult the brand new nuncio, Girolamo Prigione Potzi, whose existence goes far in Alessandria, in Piedmont Italy, on whether the religious were ready to be equally accepted as the cause taxation. The prelate had almost uttered a cry:

- Not so!Should be given priority because the Church is a cultural institution that deserves exceptional treatment.

Own rights, duties and see. A strange paradox that often mark the relationships of power with its allies.


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