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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Looking to 2012, the PAN leadership announced that it intends to restructure although clearly the direct intervention of Felipe Calderón in the projection of the "leaders" in power and their respective candidates to the Chief Executive. And the more I desire does not observe substantial changes in the procedures regarding the old-fashioned PRI;a little makeup, to a greater or lesser degree in every episode, and nothing else.

Let a sample:transverse decisions, say to point to the future presidential candidate-to-late next year, will continue to hang on the will of the three hundred scholars, ie counselors, exactly the same formula used by the "undemocratic" and late Supreme Soviet, as questioned by the right even when the founder of PAN, Manuel Gomez Morin, proclaimed in his youth, his deep admiration "for the sun of the Socialist Federal Republic of Soviets, whose organization,trends and procedures have captivated me. " This was stated in January 1919, upon becoming a lawyer, emotional letter to his friends.

The conceptual genius of the contradictions it could include the position of the PAN icon. And not only that. When it comes to renewing pictures, not even the slightest mention of structural transformation. That is:maintaining the idea of the council as being superior on a militant conglomerate with the unique ability to support those who lead them as resolved. Hence the awful decision of the Deputy Josefina Vazquez Mota, one of the most valuable assets of the ruling party - "2012: Succession," Ocean, 2010 -:

"The PAN has not been rebuilt. And I do not have enough pictures for self-government. It happens that it is a party that cares about form.Rather hoped that citizens, convinced, come to him.

From the above is the paradox, now sifted dense election in Yucatan, whose central time was two weeks ago amid a din of insults-heavy while the turnout was shown to increase in a highly politicized institution, "in which PAN finished asking the same thing four years ago after disputed presidential elections, refused to second when they were the PRD and its flagship generators of the protest:simply vote by vote recount. "Ethics and the formulas are only valid when gestated within the peer group? So unhappy, by irresponsible, when they emerge from the voices contrary?

Of course, still subject to such dilemmas is not possible to walk towards the consolidation of the element that should define the scope of parties and candidates: moral authority.And, apparently, has no such mandatory condition the PAN national leader, Cesar Nava, perhaps the most seasoned among unconditional presidential faces of choirboys scolded. Do not they were in search of a democracy without false interpretations as proposed in 1999, to separate political institutions to ensure presidential fiefs, with the respective autonomy, health policies themselves and their members?This has not happened, of course, under the thumb of a right of continuity and fearful of upsetting the mafia guards for now ambushes.

In parallel line, the use and abuse of the painful facts and circumstances of an inductive purposes proselytizing, whether to raise a strategy, established from the highest level, to modify odds and shorten distances in comitial bids to come.Whether he intends the public lynching of Enrique Peña Nieto, with very close parallels to whatever happened to Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he was taken to the firing of Congress to be ousted in April 2005 - the effect of a sloppy investigation around the strange death of his sister Paulette Gebara, on which, of course, there are many questions to decipher, or to exalt the claims for safety, following the kidnapping of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, cOncentra responsibilities in the PRI government of Queretaro and not the federal government's apparent neglect caught in a web of military and judicial agendas, it is as if he had declared de facto suspension of individual guarantees.

Of course, in the absence of timely feedback, can be expected to further discredit the criticism.With the media paraphernalia of the presidential palace, facts can be bartered mediating false interpretations as we have explained. And with that, of course, evade the central issues and inconsistencies can be assumed such as alliances with the left equally murky convenenciera. Not so, I stress, as may prevent the return of the old gangs protected by the PRI hegemony that survives and continues to act as they please.Or is that Emilio Gamboa, connected with the pederast in Cancun and projected onto the national leadership of the CNOP National Confederation of Popular Organizations, in case anyone has forgotten, one of the three sectors of the PRI, is a renewal letter in pursuit of democratic consolidation? Or just the opposite? Task for the kind readers.


I wrote in "2012: The Succession. Scenery of the Alliances Criminal Murky "

- "If world history were not full of episodes in which fraternal hatred is the main protagonist, in addition to the outbursts of parents against their children and against those, double duels exacerbated by the ambitions of power, the rule of secret brotherhoods and sects;the intimacies enforced to ensure complicity over reason and the infinite connections between alleged political underground simulators, we would have to suspect wires, even of those who have changed the political profile of the country, tucked impunity. "

To our misfortune, confirmation has been fast, as if he had been an ambush.The image of Fernandez de Cevallos and mocking the text at the bottom of it with which his captors called for ten days, to go along with the negotiation with their families, free of interference from an ineffective police and a political leadership reduced to inertia is sufficiently explanatory of the drama that inevitably extends to every corner of the geography country.

What's behind the scenery which obliges to exalt the doubts over the usual slogans of good repute of the pictures alleged government? To begin with, of course, it is evident that skepticism is a source of endless speculation on the one hand;but, on the other hand, confirms the perversity of the Assassins, so often linked to the halls of power for the implementation of the dirty work-the crimes of state, for example, ready to raise their revenues under the rule of horror and not only with a government paralyzed and cornered but perhaps also manipulated the rhythm imposed by the ruling mafia. And it is this terrible perception that it is becoming.

Terrified, of course, the ability to maneuver the wicked and vulgar, excessively inefficient and inadequate reaction of the authorities, keen to waste my time pressures to finish the extinguishment of the presidential term. The marginalization of the Calderon administration is such that it can not even with the use of the paraphernalia of the federal executive, to assemble an effective operating to safeguard the lives of its major icons.

And is that in terms of historical crimes, the PAN did not even have dared to open their mouths to complain about the wrongs inflicted on their highest representatives, including the "Maquía" Clouthier ... Conchello and Mouriño.

There must be some, of course. Abounded.


Ends today the most important bullfighting serial in the world, the Feria de San Isidro, which this year has been a channel for two substantive issues:

1.- A clever Catalan, Serafin Martin, decided to leave, leaving square cap and cape for a ride in the basket, and replace them with the Catalan Barentin-a-kind multi-cap, and senyera-that is the flag of Catalonia, to vindicate with This right to "freedom" that is the exercise of their profession without archaic prohibitions, tinged with fascism, as it is intended against bullfighting.The bullfighter alleges that since then, "freedom is not prohibited," marking a distance from those who would balance the rights of animals over human beings to the point that we were the latter available to whoever is first to supply necessary proteins.

2.- The brutal goring suffered by Julio Aparicio, who went through his jaw and came to the jaw by poking the spout from the mouth of the unfortunate, he produced a torrent of expletives by the preposterous assumptions lower animals incapable of human reasoning. The same thing happened a month ago because of the very serious injury that violated "Navigator" by Pepe Garfias, Joseph Thomas in Aguascalientes.Messages from the alienated subject went so far as to request that "burst" head of the matador to vindicate with it the right to revenge of the bull. From this material, other infamous detractors are made of Hispanics show the absence of arguments less contaminated by the barbarous Anglo-Saxon vulgarity.

The frightening thing in each case, is precisely where they may corroborate to sectarianism, which become steeped in fundamentalism-fanaticism visceral, at the hour of intransigence. The advance of these, supported by media campaigns without further argument that the imposition of exile for those who do not aligned to the subterfuges of fashion, shows the level of hatred for fellow human beings while clothes to pets. A morally untenable position.

In the bedrooms

In March 1958, in the Plaza de Toros "The Bullfight", now gone, Antonio Velazquez, León de los Aldama, torero valientísimo tanning through a dramatic race, was the worst gore of his life: a bad bug Zacatepec gored him under the jaw, tongue butchering him and wounded him in the upper jaw staying within millimeters of the brain.An injury, by the way, very similar to that in Madrid Aparicio was horrifying to those who have blood in the veins and sulfuric acids not ready to burn all those who crossed.

Humberto Peraza, the great artist Yucatan, told me that days earlier, Velazquez, robbed and arrogant in his capacity figure, had paid him, very poor, the remnant of what was owed for giving form and sign the famous lion dominion bronze arc welcome the largest city of Guanajuato, Leon, commissioned by the City Council in torero as mediator:

- He gave me pure dollars and threw me on the table in front of mine.He was angry because he had, he said, the "audacity" to charge. I did not answer or say anything, "said Peraza.

The story ended when Don Humberto read the name of the bull that almost killed Velázquez: "Sculptor". As fate would have been responsible for settling differences.

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