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Funny: Mexicans brag about a refined nationalism, exulting in September when the spirit hits vibrates tinged bells and cheers heroic but few, very few, who consider it feasible to selected football victory in the forthcoming South African fair.I have always maintained that the best football World to view our course, are those not attending the team tricolor, avoiding penalties, the burdens, the embarrassment and even resentment. Who will forget, for example, the loss to the "team" of the United States where we earn the right to a fifth game in the quarter-finals?It was worse in the minds of many, that the manhunt launched in Arizona in full apotheosis of xenophobia and racism.

In every age, perhaps they follow this social pathology, the stars of football often reflect on the whole, much of the ills of their respective nations. There is no worse than the Argentine bullies, or enclosed defenses such as the Italians or the Germans human bunkers.And each time it comes time to play the renowned Golden Bowl "are so miserable in FIFA that only pay for four years the winners even get rivers millionaires by the globalization of the sport: will make an estimated profit of more than 600 million dollars in the four-week footballing feast on Africa, the sets, with their technicians at the ready, they become mirrors, and as such precise, oppresses its people as eager to vent mass.Even that, as in ancient Rome gladiators, bread and circus. Unfortunately, this lack food.

When communities are segregated from the big decisions that point to their destinations, choose the bets. In Mexico, for example, the presidential race, triggered every six years, the festival invites speculation about candidates and projects. (You are here "2012: The Succession," Ocean, "under my authorship, with all its wealth of controversy).But the odds on favorites in the World Cup tournament to encourage all those who can not escape the everyday burdens or have been and are victims of the senselessness of violence. And despite that they are ready to buy a plasma TV, high definition, to approach the courts of the land of Nelson Mandela.

With the things, there is no doubt that Brazil, the perennial runner-up, seems to have the road cleared.Cariocas live the euphoria of stability, despite the global recession shocks, and its economy takes off thanks to the buoyant administration of Lula da Silva, who demonstrates the feasibility of a leftist government in an environment biased towards the other end. In reality, little care about the labels and stereotypes when walking without rancor or face unnecessary provocations ...like those of Hugo Chávez, the messianic who, however, defends his own as we wanted, ever wrap themselves in the face of Mexico our politicians. I am sure that if the Venezuelans would have imposed visas Canadians at least would have given the diplomatic reciprocity without falling into the pitiful walk of an agent, Calderon, who travels to the nation without the slightest affronted dignity.That said, specific, without denying the grotesque profiles of antidemocratic Chavez.

What about Spain? In 2008, the illusions arising from the affluent generally broken class distances even when the aristocracy is untouchable, leading to the red eleventh win without great epics, the European Championship.It was like the icing on the cake of apparent abundance, the precise time at which began the decline and were felt "bubbles" for which the simulation of social satisfactions was nothing but a fierce bastion of demagoguery based in sectarian radicalism. But no one worried about the effects ... until he started climbing unemployment and vulgar excitement turned to anxiety sharp and permanent.

The Spanish today believe that their selected will go far, however, the reflection of this is not an encouraging sign considering that the crush lead, inevitably, to the suffocation. Bad thing in a community that still does not forget how much they weigh and hurt the scourge of hunger-vivid reference point when Franco ruled postwar farm "peace" at the expense of removing, as it were, half of the Spanish, the the other side, the Reds.Perhaps that is why reasonable predictions on the future sports are not as happy as claimed Hispanics today, so disjointed and so given regionally to fall in the Utopia.


Not a few Mexicans who do not want to live in Mexico and even go fishing for other nationalities, with blood ties exalted.These days just look out into the streets of Galileo, in the Federal District, where sits the Spanish representation to take the pulse of the collective despair that involves a good deal of national claudication. Hundreds every day, calling the possibility of having the support of other government in our full debacle.

And even the famous coach of the "tricolor", those black shirts debut perhaps to outline the few permanent mourning every day we looked out the windows of the tragedy, does not hesitate to seek future gig, sadly, at the expense of insult to the country origin is presenting it as a fief of evil for those who, as the lyrics of a song by Jose Alfredo, the lives-of others, of course, "are worthless ...or Guanajuato or any other part of the wide geographical homeland.

Javier "the Basque" Aguirre, is part of contemporary glass. He spoke several months ago in Madrid, which is unbearable for him and his family, who keeps one foot in the Iberian Peninsula ", live and stay in an environment so violent. No account nor is the terrorism of the ETA members who assume the right to exacerbate their own nationalism at the expense of taking the lives of hundreds of innocent people?Not even the fierce political radicalization, between two irreconcilable camps, who have informally the impropriety of a monarchy whose presumed greater the antithesis of it, democracy? "Nor do they consider the trends that encourage separatist Basque, Catalan, Galician and others in a disintegrating social and political?

Wrongs were not lacking, especially in mass communication chains attached to the marriage with the political system, which tried to justify the character predator claiming the validity of their arguments, that is stressing the critical environment of a country that urges you to submit a picture separate but not possible, for now, bridge the scars of horror. A sampling:the Spanish seldom overwhelming concern is to see how the lack of security when walking the rúas of its major cities and fear that at any time, a van exploded in front of them their heads.And yet, those on the anniversary of the brutal March 11, 2004 are as rare as visitors to the dark Valley of the Fallen, where lies Franco, the dictator who died in his bed and hold the power to the derision of his contemporaries, who went from being one of the main attractions for those who came to Madrid to be a monumental cross lost in the dark of oblivion.

But of course it did not speak Aguirre, who had to apologize, not much believe it, not to be butchered before the ball unmissable and stadiums. And he continued to weave the commercial network to extend coverage extolling the illusion that, now, we have a group "competitive", unable to overcome to the satisfaction prairie teams of the continent almost black.

As the simulations are so many in Mexico, what is strange simulate the green, now dressed in mourning, will rise above their ancestral traumas?

The Challenge

Another thing is FIFA, one of the most accredited mafias in the world.Beyond the achievement of globalizing football, deleting or almost any other sport or art-that is, as if there were only so-called "man's game" that brings together twenty-two adults around a ball-transcendence has been manipulate the way the groups to become permanent hostage of goals, more and more scarce, and the fierce marketing.

Not long ago, a sports commentator kindly asked me an opinion on the drama of the Paraguayan Salvador Cabañas, wounded in the head in a metropolitan bar sponsored by rampant insecurity. And I replied:

- Argentina beat Paraguay in the playoffs, right? Do not say that the hearings on crimes and attacks begin with those who are the biggest beneficiaries?If I believed that FIFA is a stronghold of pro characters, any speculation would superfluous, as it is not, and from experience, I express my doubts.

We do not add more because, obviously, the argument seems too dangerous and is, as they say, politically incorrect. But, over time, this columnist has earned the right to express their opinion without diatribes. And I'll keep doing.

The Trivia

Years ago, in a pleasant meeting at the Vatican embassy, Girolamo Prigione, Piedmontese has proud to have unlocked the padlocks on the legal marginalization of churches, he said:

- Among the Mexicans the largest differences are added with a good meal. At dessert, which seemed irreconcilable enemies, and even appreciate.

Perhaps this is the sustenance of partnerships and mafias absurd ruling.Another caller, who said peace, I took another view:

- If wars could be solved through meetings footballing ... To amuse us!

Only Mexico and Mexicans that we would, in a flash, without the territory that they left us, after removed the half, the powerful northern neighbor. Will abound when you begin to run the ball.

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