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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Tuesday, May 18, 2010 * Flea no trace

* Felonies "power"

* The gold and bronze

When elaborated, "The Great Simulator" (Grijalbo, 1998), placing in the eye of the storm the incumbent, Ernesto Zedillo, I requested Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, for many winner of the debate between the candidates for the Chief Executive in May 1994 -between the two cited in addition to Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, to answer a question which rose the suspected channelschas over the course of events over the years of barbarism.

- Why, I asked over the phone when he was ahead in the polls about the preferences of the citizenry, down the pace of your campaign? Many of the more than nine million Mexicans who voted for you not forgive him yet. (The dialogue is also reproduced in "scandals", Grijalbo, 1999)

The so-called "boss Diego" could not avoid a certain tension in the tone of her voice Agolada.And he suggested:

"I'm going to answer," opened on familiarity, because you're the first person that makes me a specific question on the subject. Could we meet for lunch today?

We did Bell House, in the Zona Rosa, of the metropolis. Minutes before Diego came to the appointment, two other guests were at a nearby table:Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, then PAN national leader, and Jose Luis Duran Reveles, who was campaign coordinator Fernandez de Cevallos. Oteaba also the same place, Luis Tellez Kuenzler, then secretary of Energy.

Just Diego, completed the customary greetings, he sat, without even giving space to apply the dishes, he said:

- Are we to the point? Notice that I kept the campaign on the same level until the end.

"It is the opinion of some of your fellow party legislators. I have trusted that you were seriously threatened. Was it?

"No threat could stop, as they were giving things a presidential candidate. Less after the debate. He was very visible.

"But, Diego, and had killed Colosio!

"Precisely. It would have been too obvious to proceed with me in the same way.

"Then what happened?

"LookI have videos that show that it lowered my guard. The campaign activities were increased and were the most popular. Wherever it was, was a generous response. But ... I kept having trouble.

- In what sense, Diego?

-Simple: twisted all my campaign reports from the debate and managed my image on television and gave them the win.I remember when I got a mass meeting with academics, just quoted me without ever approaching the crowd. And proposals were lost.

"So the tour is not suspended or mass events? Not even you get sick?

- No way! What happened was simply that no longer advertise in the media. And, of course, so no one could know what he was doing.

- It was just lack of coverage?

"I repeat:way to prove that I have continued my work in full swing proselytizing. Then repent who had blocked me.

On this point, on the same occasion, Diego Fernandez de Cevallos told me never denied a version:

"After the election, the now defunct Emilio Azcarraga Milmo," El Tigre ", I sent an emissary, the wretch that I conveyed the invitation of his boss, the owner of Televisa, to come to him.

"I accept, of course.

"Well, no. Just send him to hell.

"I perceive, Diego, that the story did not end there.

"No way. Azcarraga insisted and finally, we met at Casa Vieja in the street Polanco Eugenio Sue, "which served to meet the special guests of your company.

- It was a cordial?

"I said at the outset:"Look, Emilio, I only agreed to come because I really wanted to see you in person, you near me to tell you, just like that, you're going to fuck your mother."

Azcarraga, who had a reputation for good fighter-trained daily until the patient assaulted him, "with conciliatory attitude, then offered Diego a television so he could go to voters, those who had trusted me to explain as had happened.According to Fernandez himself this was the way of the powerful businessman to ask for a pardon that never accepted first. He felt that it simply was not appropriate to talk about the facts.


On November 10, 2005, when approached his car in front of the law firm that also often seen to Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, was shot dead at close range, Luis Felipe Martínez Ordaz, a professional lawyer, businessman and longtime charro cattle breeder bulls. The incident shook the region and produced, cascade hypothesis of all kinds, including political, given the environment of the victim and her unique network of affection.Who took charge of the investigation was the then state attorney general, Javier Garfias junior, son of prominent farmer of the same name.

Two days before the crime, found Ordaz, having breakfast with one twin-brother Garfias-official referred to in the cafeteria of the Mirage hotel in Queretaro where he went frequently. With his usual bonhomie invited me to a corral in his pasture.And the night of November 9, just before the painful event, I phoned to cancel the appointment because one of the summoned swords, Morante de la Puebla, had warned him that he could not go but two weeks later. It was the last time you listened.

Ordaz's friendship with Diego was known by other intense.Just a week before the crime, in Aguascalientes and during a bullfight, had agreed on the plaza at the stage of Governor Luis Armando Rey-noso, today's new account at the height of political scandals. They were seen animated, Diego Luis Felipe smoking cigars and talking, without stopping, as usual. Diego and Luis Felipe, in fact, had been together various legal issues relating mainly to land and regional companies.They say small towns in the hell is often very large. In Querétaro, as we know, to say the brothers Ortiz Arana-often have different party affiliations, enmity, not infrequently, to terrible levels.

On the murder of Ordaz was spoken, in principle, of an alleged revenge by someone who felt deprived by the action of the law firm in question. But shortly after, the story suffered a convenient modified:on June 6, 2007 was found dead Osvaldo César Guzmán Noval, with signs of torture and bondage with ties. The subject had been identified as the perpetrator of the murder of Luis Felipe Ordaz even though there was no investigation into the possible mastermind.

In the heat of recent events, following the kidnapping of Fernandez de Cevallos, which prevented state authorities considered as such until the pronouncement of Felipe Calderon from Spain "I have no doubt that there are many trails to cover.

The Challenge

The case of Fernandez de Cevallos obliged to recall a similar one, the kidnapping of former Premier Aldo Moro, which occurred in Italy in March 1978, perpetrated by members of the so-called Red Brigades. "Moro, also had significance as the most influential member of the Christian Democrats. (Do not forget that 1978 also be remembered for the explosion of mafias, was the year of three popes, Paul VI died and John Paul I, the latter in suspicious circumstances, and anointed John Paul II as Pope.)

Moro, as we know, was found dead two months later, in the trunk of a car.Later versions have confirmed that during his captivity, the right-wing leader was subjected to a kind of summary trial, without defense or possible outcomes, such as false justification for criminals, stunted by the rancor, in full political radicalization. A perspective that, in Mexico, scenarios and coverage expands in every day.

The fate of Fernandez de Cevallos, of course, must not only register, therefore, in an environment of increasing violence, unstoppable by the poor response of the current federal system. Even the PAN, his colleagues, have shown, from Fox to the last of them, rather scattered and timid. As if to erase from their minds the incontrovertible fact ... as they did after the strange "accidents" that determined the end of "Maquía" and Jose Angel Conchello.Abounded.

The Trivia

Acting as senator, resigned as such in August 2006 - Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, used to arrive at the parliamentary precincts in a huge, luxurious car. Those outside bet for nuisance, never stopped screaming the usual slogans:

- Diego! ... No hidden gold!

And the fiery senator, who did not spare himself any provocation, the vehicle declined to answer:

- Neither you hide the copper! I have this car because I am a lawyer and litigation charges for very rich characters. Instead, you have no where to fall dead and yet, instead of working, they come here just to waste time. To each his own.

We could fill a hundred pages more than telling the profile of one of the most experienced parliamentarians of those who have gone through the stands the chambers.


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