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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Thursday, May 20, 2010
* The great experiment

* From the laboratories

* The severe distortion

Two six accurate ago, when the PAN, championed by Felipe González González, a merchant-grocer called him as if that was derogatory, "ousted the PRI from one of their main strongholds, the Aguascalientes, passing by the old political caste represented by Hector Hugo Olivares, heir to the former governor Enrique Olivares Santana, they foresaw when prospects come later in thenational will. Two years later, in 2000, the same Felipe González, with uncontrollable loud voice, told me by telephone when initiating the historic elections of July 2:

"This is no longer anyone. Fox has exceeded the PAN, has overtaken us all. And won. I have no doubt.

So it was, had acted without any black magic.Just as he sensed among the best informed, the alternation should be as basic warranty, especially to foreign markets and in the circles of power in Washington that she would be disabled with the gunpowder ignited by extreme social inequalities at the time of Mexican society begin to move toward political maturity.That thought then from outside observers, also consolidated in the internal forums, influential businessmen understood, adhered to an agent not be sought, Ernesto Zedillo, but willing to serve as a bridge between the interests of the north, booming , and poor resistance to domestic investors limited by the continuing lack of liquidity and low sensitivity in the general purchasing power.

Zedillo, the great pretender of institutional life, cut more in the style of whites and therefore reluctant to venture into political matters, the bottom-despised, as being little more than a waste of time when you could opt for another kind of intellectual growth, say to enter the field of macroeconomics, "guessed, since arriving in Los Pinos in the year of barbarity, 1994, that he should be the last of his class and his party, the PRI, in exerciser the presidency. And be prepared for it.

For that and other causes not intend to develop now, the PRI candidate Francisco Labastida was surrounded from his start as a presidential candidate while the PAN's Vicente Fox took advantage of favorable winds, and walked along the path traced by those who preceded him and could not overcome the solid wall of presidential monolithic system that hung past and future of the nation with the flags of the post-revolution, it is as if the PRI was the exclusive of them.

Zedillo did nothing to prevent the debacle of his party, and yes, however, backed the rotation following the criteria of the neo-liberals on Wall Street also turned on the alarm because it could mean the socio-political collapse in Mexico if the stumbling placed in check, seriously, the establishment.However, a victory for the right, when the course was already oriented towards this direction, proposing the financial sustainability and at the same time, allowed the collective breather after seven decades of oppressive dictatorship "almost perfect".

That was the key to political change in the script against previous rulings that they considered it impossible to defeat the PRI structurally strong control by assimilation.The Mexicans, of course, we cover the requirement, through fourteen million votes, to ensure the predetermined trend. And Fox was viewed as a precursor to democracy that he betrayed six years later, in 2006, under the roar of the frumpy taking Felipe Calderon, the "lesser evil" for many, such as popular ruling status the mediocre subtly provocative and deeply contaminated.

Zedillo, no doubt, worked for the rotation while he pretended, for something called "the great pretender" - belong to the PRI was rather than denial and said act accordingly. And the PAN was aligned with him, so that, among all former PRI leaders only rescued him as a bulwark of democracy, if as they say, began where sectarian treachery began in the halls of power.

Twelve years ago, Gonzalez incontrovertible victory in Aguascalientes was the announcement that there could be no turning back. And that call lasted until now, adding a further six years, it is clear that the PAN is split there, precisely because of the ominous approach of the current state governor, Luis Armando Reynoso, who in terms of betrayal does not hesitate to proceed as against nature. It will explain why.


Reynoso, in Aguascalientes, has disgraced their party affiliation in search of shelter of impunity. That is, as are his unconcealed its perverse deviations, political and moral, chose to negotiate with their adversaries, the PRI, because it could not impose a puppet candidate within a PAN he tampered. This sought to drive out the former mayor Martin Orozco Sandoval, his fellow supposedly, can not be guaranteed, with him, back in the future.

Of course, the National Action wear after two six, is such that the possibility of a second alternate is just a result of the tremendous structural failure of the government of Reynoso. And as he knows, what better to negotiate with the PRI in demand for shelter of impunity, this is to have elements that bill, on time, whose office in the Palace of Government?The intricacy of the procedure, in the absence of a history of 2000, shows not only the lack of ethics among contemporary political class but the scenarios to reduce the interest underground reservoirs that are imposed ideologies, social banners and proclamations of redemption.

Reynoso was "there is no doubt about it and I have enough evidence to say, who forged legaloide parody designed to make the PAN candidate in mediating a complaint accused took two years and months after discharge in municipal administration, during which time no trace was found in various audits to indict him.The ploy worked locally, in a perspective where the sources and subsequent cacique entered weigh more than the impartiality of justice, to the point of placing Orozco at a distinct disadvantage ... would be very difficult to overcome in the remainder of the election campaign before July.

In this regard, the candidate PRI state government, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, denies vehemently, taking part in the flushing but not its proximity, even affection, with President predator. Polls place him at the moment, very up-for more than fourteen points "of his immediate pursuer. The trend seems irreversible, especially because the conditions are ripe for the triumph PRI ... precisely because the lost PAN during the state system.

The experiment, it seems, is of greater importance than consensus and electoral processes. This is, of course, to explore the possibility to proceed in the same line, in the federal courts. That is, Felipe Calderón, unbeaten original sin of illegitimacy, could only be saved as did Zedillo, under alternating enabled by himself from his notorious inefficiency.If the PRI regained the presidency after twelve years of wooing, could compensate candy Calderón with impunity, although it is difficult to conceive, as in the case of Ernesto simulator, which is revered by his opponents circumstantial tricolor.

The Challenge

"The possibility of alternation must always be present in democratic politics."

With this ruling, César Nava Vázquez, PAN national leader, greeted our dialogue on race for the presidency. ("2012: The Succession. From the Alliances Criminal Scenography Murky." Ocean, 2010 -. He was an initial ruling that set standards and showed, in fact, some disingenuous, including the possible strategy to enable Felipe Calderón PRI's return to Los Pinos they purported to redeem evading the trial of history.

And when asked directly about whether Calderón would follow the route of Zedillo, fostered the alternation, Nava Vázquez defined:

- "I think Calderon Zedillo and share the same democratic conviction. And the possibility of alternation is inherently positive. But it helps to consider another cause Calderon is a great distance. He is, above all, a distinguished member of the PAN. "

Performances are now in the heat of the facts. Because several readings fit about it, knowing that experiments along this 2010 were becoming too favorable to the party to which the Fox administration extended a hasty death sentence while extending guarantees in favor of continuity. The paradox itself is evidence of the potential failure of PAN, in July 2010 and within two years. Abounded.

The Trivia

A few days after Fox's victory in July 2000, a famous writer in Madrid, he suggested:

"I will write a letter, addressed to Zedillo, acknowledging the democratic attitude which permitted to achieve the overall aim towards alternation. Feel like Login to join her, along with other firms?

The proposal astonished me. And I replied automatically:

"Zedillo generated by their own distortions, the climate that led to the conviction of fighting for change. Should we thank him for it? Is this because it represented in the escalation of corruption and collective impoverishment, for example? I would not so brutal distortion.

But some believe otherwise, forgetting history. Even that we do not trip over the same stone.

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