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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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* Origins of Evil

A little over a week of the election Yucatan, impregnated with the same ingredients used to apply to divert the electorate's will under the umbrella of PRI hegemony, some forward, euphoric, the vitality of the trend towards the return of the once invincible party the perspective of this 2010.However, the PAN leadership, shaken by the always cheeky Beatriz Zavala Peniche, the candidate of the Institute for mayor of Merida, resorted to the same identical speech last: the claim of a "choice of state" armed will by the "powerful" heir to the chiefdom Cervera, Gov. Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, niece of the late Victor Cervera Pacheco.

This, in brief summary claims, just as happened in shaping Mayab lands forever. It's true: thousands of ballots disappeared "in the state capital only detected a missing twenty-two thousand, enough to change the course of the election-and even tens of PAN and PRD activists insist they were isolated, in a thousand tricks, during the tense day which, however, got out of bed;that is, the voters, as in 2006, went to the polls and did their civic duty without feints or provocations. The maturity, once again, was in the public and political bodies politics anchored in rock, as once the former president called the Yucatan Víctor Manzanilla Schaffer.

Once again, the streets were filled protests, slogans and angry voters, some, the PRI, because they claim not willing to give in to blackmail and others, the PAN, demanding an election that can not be sure with the record of scrutiny. The recurring scenes are widely known to the Yucatec who, not infrequently, has led to the defense of suffrage with the resulting civilian wear.Meanwhile, the ruling class cabals and maneuver ago, at home, in search of desktop solutions without general consensus. Everyone says to interpret the sense "majority" as if his opponents simply did not exist and just be a static kind of irrelevant.

A few days ago with a longtime presidential cabinet member, do not quote them by name because our conversation was private in nature, "argued about PAN inertia in terms of an incontrovertible fact:

"Over more than a decade-emphasized," from Fox's presidential inauguration, the party in the position of the Chief Executive has been unable even to expand their own structures or try to build, even so, a democracy which is superior chiefdoms to villagers and their controls. And the same goes for the PRI governors for the PRD and the PAN. All, in their fiefs, held the reins at the expense of inhibiting the natural democratic evolution.Is this not significant enough for the failure of the governments of both proclaimed the right change?

There was no answer but assent, as if the arguments do not flow and only depends on the basic partisan resistance, this behavior is unconditional, to temper the background signal.Is not it significant that César Nava Vázquez, PAN national leader anointed by presidential appointment, to use known strategies such as knowing the election results when they can not prove their operators PAN wins, so to put pressure on the pot boiling of a country in crisis by the exacerbation of violence and thus lacerating political disintegration?

The risks, of course, increase by mutual intolerance. Is not this what the PAN reproached Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he insisted on recounting the votes in the light of the obvious statistical messiness fathered by their own elected bodies in 2006? That is, as if we had stopped in the past while proclaiming, repeat for ten years, the advent of a change ... betrayed.

Meanwhile, frustrated ex PAN candidate, Beatriz Zavala, insists that he was his adversary, the PRI Angelica Araujo Lara-much less known nationally, "it was not the candidate of Gov. ... as she was of Mr. Calderon, the chief magistrate as the commonplace. In the pulse, of course, be considered equally from which flowed the supports and the lines in full moral debacle.Hence, questions also arise about the kidnapping of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos on the very eve of the first electoral event of the year, no doubt, be defined by the "pole position" in the race for the presidential succession. Are we?

If history had not ruined and evil, of course, would not be politically correct to think wrong. As is, we must register suspicions.


Beatriz Zavala's case is illustrative of the other "new" forms of politics in the hands of a right that does not learn to govern after an extended academia a decade of inertia, confusion, contradictions and disqualifications. Where did, to stardom, this lady imprinting intolerant and high-pitched voice, always ready to throw insults against him as fits or not you agree?Further, I insist, the messiness comitial in Merida, which also proved to be different as there were in relation to the 2006 presidential election - is worth examining the profile of the woman who champions the new resistance in southeastern Mexico.

It was she who, four years ago in the heat of political radicalization and virulence of each other's discourse, that is in full development of black descalificadotas campaigns-without the slightest democratic support in favor of serious discussions, "harassed by word and made Andrés Manuel López Obrador dawn when he visited the capital of Yucatan. Not only that reviled him outright and almost slap, shove the song.Witnesses say the fact, forced to behave like a gentleman, a circumstance which is subtracted from the gender equality in the field of campaign trail, "López Obrador had no choice but to rush to gold car without responding to the intemperate Beatriz cries.

It was so said the incident was sufficient, in terms of discretionary awards, for Mrs. Zavala-no relation to Margaret, the wife of President Calderon, to be elevated to the pantheon party, with complex ownership of the Social Development Secretariat in the elegant aristocratic stock. But of course their "lights" light up only allowed for little more than a year ...until, in January 2008, thirteen months after his elevation as "Minister" was dismissed as ineffective and harmful, and was forwarded to the Senate where, of course, was deposited without delay, the heat of the Calderón campaign, to confirm the dual medal reviewed by the outbursts.

With this tail, however, the PAN vernacular, of which former militants have emerged better qualified, including former Meridian Mayor Ana Rosa Payan, and Luis Correa Mena, who in 1993 provided the parody is why, by the resignation of his PRI rival who had claimed a majority of votes challenged, became president of Merida City for winning the "second place" in the race-stress trigger a forced departure to the crisis post-election to the best old-fashioned way: that is mediating the regular consultation between the domes of power.

I repeat: the defects remain. Only now the "scribes", ie the imitators, not the same talent or the same spirit of those who preceded them in the art of alchemy.

The Challenge

Since 1990, the rising of the women was forced policies regarding the Yucatan.It was that year when he won the mayoralty of the capital, Ms. Payan Cervera-no familiarity whatsoever with the former president and late-pernicious and against the current cacique. A few months later, in February 1991, the governor orders Manzanilla was ousted by President Carlos Salinas for being respectful of the results that were unfavorable to the PRI, and rose to the governorship, without requesting leave of the Senate timely, Dulce Sierra Maria Sauri.At the end of the annual cycle the central positions were held by women, including the presidencies of the Superior Court of Justice and the state legislature.

The perspective is very similar today.Under the thumb of the second governor of the state, Mrs. Jones, the elections were involving in pursuit of the presidency of the state capital city, two women, the aforementioned Araujo and Zavala, guided paths ladies the leaders of the PRI and PAN, Alaine Magali Lopez and Cruz, respectively, thereby confirming the matriarchal line of the peninsular.

The balance, unfortunately, are not very favorable to the cause of political developments if we stick to the sound excesses of the protagonists of this debacle in the middle of political and ethical values. Demagogic lines, to exalt only the ladies who populate the cracked games, have hit bottom. And leadership is not built only to shock trauma of gender. (This column is a passionate defender of talented women;but not how many are just flashy).

The Trivia

The origins of evil. In 1967 a key year for the PAN Yucatan, Victor Correa Rach, emblem of this case, the mayor of Merida won against the tide PRI that, on this occasion, it was not small reflux. Most everything won the PAN ... except, curiously, the state district IV whose head is precisely Mérida.This is against the overwhelming trend in favor of a single space Correa opened for PRI and a young ensign negotiator, Victor Cervera.

Since then, the old gang sat their real heat of a strange, underground alliance with the PAN now complains cacique uses the heir of Cervera, Ivonne Ortega. A carbon copy of Washington's policies that favor, arming them, who later become their worst headaches.The Taliban, for example. Pure Modernity at the edge of the fierce convenenciera demagoguery.


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