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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Saturday, May 22, 2010
* The Nazi border

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* With a "Quarter"

Xenophobia in Arizona did not start with the gross law that any Latino, by its very appearance, should be seen as a potential criminal.A position, of course, that this U.S. territory about the same levels of racist Third Reich when Hitler, calling for an overflowing nationalism, decided to put the "Aryan race" above all others, as if they were lower zootechnical scale dictated by him.There is no substantive difference even though it is alleged the imperative to preserve the security of the greatest military power in history over individual rights and human rights. The philosophy is exactly the same, execrable course.

The implications are and remain tremendous even in the unlikely event of a correction by the sick Governor Jan Brewer, a worthy successor of füerher, which carries on even to segregate the students about the essential knowledge of their origins if they do not are those of the white Anglo American South.He says the woman may thus avoid feelings of resentment about the U.S., as if we could erase the history of a stroke. Following this line of thought, of course, one would expect the removal of convulsive episodes in which the American Union has had to wage war to preserve Western vivendis modus no respect for other cultures. Is it not enough Americans who feel the same with the rejection of the universal community?And still wondering, as they have done their own tests, why the world hates the U.S.? They would do well people of good will, on the ground where they felt stronger the winds of war, ponder over it.

The manhunt, but did not begin in this dark stage.Five years ago, when brought together Juarez looks worldwide for the recurrence of gender killings emerged in Arizona called "Minuteman" civilian licensed to use firearms and kill accordingly to penetrate the territory undocumented U.S., backed by the then Governor-women, in this case have not shown even the feminine sensibility to honor, above all else, the lives of others ", Janet Napolitano, llevied to the office of Democrat Barack Obama in condition, nothing less, as secretary of Homeland Security. That is, as if the repression of the so-called "illegal" had opened the doors of Washington to see the first black president installed in the White House.

Napolitano, no doubt, was the one who started the spiral of hatred that while the Fox government stepped back as a result of the clumsiness of Vincent, boots and buckles, guided by a misguided protectionist policy that sought to ignore the importance of workforce provided by those members of the legal secrecy, are hired to work, as unfortunate quote from Fox, "that neither blacks do."And it was this Mexican president who was called racist, the expression, analyzed with a magnifying glass, so empowered, "without stopping at the ignominy of the governor to human hunters empowered to proceed with the guarantee of impunity conceivable. The Fox was, in any case, one sentence, what Napolitano, however, was a fact. What should weigh more?

In this environment, growing phobias, the view of those gathered, including some Mexican businessmen, the repression justified because the Americans had a "right" to preserve their territory and security of their own.Stressed that those affected by Arizona and New Mexico, should ensure their own because, not infrequently, illegal pierced their gardens and estates, where they played there in their children and walked their wives, with attendant risks of assault and abuse all kinds. The hungry food used startling claim the immaculate white approached the smoky barbecues. And that, they insisted, was quite uncomfortable.

Nothing was done then. On the contrary:Fox, beset by his clumsy outburst, it must have apologized in piteous tone. Not so Mrs. Napolitano or how many, under the cover of it, showed marks on the handles of pistols and rifles like shaven gentleman by the tribes of the past is involved.The simile puts each other at the same level of barbarism today although justified by the right intend to combat "terrorism" and immigration snares, placed at the same time say, with a desire to preserve the environment of the unattainable power .

The Mexican government as a whole, was not given a chance to apply reason turned against xenophobia following the attacks in New York in September 2001. Nope.Rather, the former President Fox, who still seems as if he were still president, was forced to face his colleague, the infamous George Bush Junior, followed by all multinational forums and summits. Until it obtained the "grace" unbecoming of a pardon by the "audacity" to have rejected, within the UN, the invasion on Iraq escalation. Everything else is a consequence.


Loss of dignity, not strange that the owner of the Federal Executive, Felipe Calderón - redemption will be inevitable when the settlement? - Travel to Canada even when the government of this nation, at its discretion, imposed the obligation to Mexicans manage visas to get into the territory of the same and no Canadians, even by the minimal diplomatic reciprocity, have to do the same.It is alleged that this would be like putting obstacles to the tourism industry as a source of income if that had more weight to the full exercise of sovereignty.

In the same vein, the recent tour of Calderon by the fiefs of Obama, or meant, as expected, greater energy to try and identify the immigration issue, therefore, the unacceptable position of the xenophobes who, over and over again seem to get away with it at the expense of degrading the basic values.In another approach, which borders on open vassalage, the president tried to be conciliatory to defend his "philosophy of war" as political opponents call it "regarding the fight against drug trafficking complex whose balancing ominous still very negative for the Mexican government. Just peek at the recent incidents, let alone the historical and to corroborate the vulnerability of the formal structure to the overflowing capos.

No one is saved. The horror of what has happened since Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, presidential candidate and one of the most illustrious PAN recent times, spread fear and displays the vagueness of the government reaction. Like the murder of Mario Guajardo Adame candidate in Tamaulipas, in full explosion of savagery that tends to reduce the ambush scenarios to sinister, paralyzing, with a sense of relentless oppression:good seems to be defeated by evil ... because there is no effective soldiers to preserve the former.

Mexico today is a great question. Painful too. The evidence on the power vacuums is compounded by the ineffectiveness, especially legal, diplomatic and pictures of legislation, contained in exacerbated sectarianism. And the president, of course, continues to add touring without rhyme or reason.


Meanwhile, former presidential frivolity continues without the slightest sign of political etiquette. The Fox celebrated as if it were a pair of kings who have left other, momentarily, the government's responsibility. A few days ago, for example, under the Pharaonic temple, the former presidential couple celebrated in style his "first cultural festival" in tribute to Spain, allowing Mrs. Marta wear the "many skirts" of a suit of Hispanic courts.And all very gallant.

For the occasion, there-renowned artists including Madrid Paloma San Basilio, and even a bullfight-and heat have been several of his complicity with the unpresentable governor of Aguascalientes, Luis Armando Reynoso, the rhythm of drums and trumpets. They say their worshipers who deserve it, she and he naturally, as "historical figures."Apparently this would justify the shameful impunity as an effect of warmth and complicity as well, between the PAN that was thankless for pursuing a change that they betrayed.

Were not these images which we rejected during the decades of PRI hegemony? Was not all this tinsel that made odious conspiracy of institutional gregaria corrupt?"And not trying to avoid a second embarrassing version, revised and expanded the old vices?

Answer, if possible, the PAN that are intended immaculate.

In the bedrooms

The differences are pointed at the border.Five years ago, in Ciudad Juárez, when attention was concentrated only in the murders of women identified that in neighboring El Paso, Texas, for superior decision, had gathered about seven hundred sex offenders from various U.S. prisons. Particularly in the conurbation of disgraced Mexican city where they grew such attacks.

I said then:

"Each of these seven abusers, who are intended to channel socially, it is enough to reverse a" quarter "-that is five cents," to pass through and penetrate the border bridge in Juarez as if it were the yard home. Who can ensure that they do not commit atrocities and then return to where they came from?

For half a dollar, offering for such subjects in the rehabilitation plan was sufficiently attractive.But, of course, no one stopped them at the time. Abounded.

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