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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Thursday, June 3, 2010
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Santiago Creel Miranda, a senator of the Republic, possibly become the figure of the PAN with better knowledge of the future detached from his former presidential status-this was evident when, as interior minister, had to suffer the wear by disqualification government Fox at the start of the race for the Chief Executive in 2005, told me - "2012:The Succession ", Oceanus, 2010 - he was never the" dolphin "in the former presidential couple.

"With Calderón were, from the beginning, Josefina Vazquez Mota (Secretary of Social Development at the time), Rodolfo Elizondo (former head of Tourism) and half the cabinet.Then Fox himself opened fire incorporating Alberto Cardenas (former governor of Jalisco and the head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to place their "pop"), pointing to him as the black horse.

While the legislature saw fit to specify leading some "inaccuracies", from their point of view, what settled in the reference book, specifically in relation to "never" spoke to Fox about the outlook proselytizing in the opposite direction to the originally recorded or admitted having mentioned that the Fox administration "failed" because it held the standard bearer of winning the early history and with it the final popular opinion, statements that jurisdictionNo reason for a second meeting to try to clear some edges, maintained the central idea of his new proposal: form a left from the right and try to participate in the selection process internally his party, PAN, provided that the party can " fixed "means structurally, not to go into a failure that would not be fair for him or for his political institute, as he said.

I record it again to mention that I observed in Creel is a clear political transformation: more open, ie without the bonds of loyalty that made him ministerial office six years ago, and greater awareness of perspectives and strategies.I believe that in any event the new discourse is one that might sound more convincing to the alleged voters at a time when society, terrified, seen as ineffective federal government placed PAN-and this is said in this columnist situation of a failed state.

In another horizon, say from Los Pinos, a growing rumor that President Calderón is being stored, as Fox did with Alberto Cárdenas Jiménez, an ace in the sleeve with the logo of the Ministry of Social Development, which already emerged a candidate, the PRI, whose speed was truncated: Luis Donaldo Colosio.And is that the Sinaloa Heriberto Felix Guerra, who has taken seriously their mandate to the degree of multiplying the hours of work even if it unleashes the rumor mill about the long hours, arrived at the presidential team in the right hour of the rearrangements that can mean Bets for the immediate future.

On page 228 of the cited work, collect a view of the holder of SEDESOL on the complex political developments in your company, about the fact that the PAN Sinaloa, very well positioned, opted for an alliance with the Left without favoring their local pillars, including the very Félix Guerra who was called to participate in the federal government when more sounded his name as a possible standard bearer:

"I thought it would be another strong option (the PAN), Manuel Clouthier Carrillo, son of the ma-and brother of Felix Guerra. I thought I was going to come but I think he was wrong to marginalize.

On this subject, careful letter, Secretary of Social Development, points out:

"My expression to his question about whether he had left the way clear in the election of Sinaloa, was that there would be another strong option in the person of Manuel Clouthier Carrillo. So much for my comment where the meaning is positive.

While it does not change the support of the claim, the discreet clarification is understandable as it could mean a family dispute that neither he nor this columnist we attempted to discuss the issue.In the same line also specified with regard to the last time I saw him alive to the "Maquía" on the very eve of his death he tried to locate the official version only as an "accident":

"The dinner, attended by ma-War in which Felix could not raise his hand to his request to marry Lorraine, his daughter," was organized by Manuel, his son.

Of course, the desire to care for each line, after thorough review of the text, raises the need to clear paths to the future for what might occur. And the secretary Felix Guerra, tell of many close to the holder of federal executive, march on horseback ... black.


Contrary to what one might think, before the media launch of the candidates of the PRI, especially, and the PRD in different scenarios, the PAN, in a position of presidential power even when it envisions a new alternating, the party that offers greater number of applicants: In addition to these, the secretaries Alonso Lujambio, Education, Ernesto Cordero, Finance, and Javier Lozano, Labour;besides Mrs Josefina Vazquez Mota, the woman who plays on the corridors of the future as the PRI Beatriz Paredes insists on not to plunge into the presidential race, "and Guanajuato Gov. Juan Manuel Oliva Ramírez, incorporated into late with the encouragement of the ultra-right PAN, the the famous "Anvil."

Unlike the PAN, the PRI focuses on Enrique Peña Nieto while some others keep their hopes for the event that the State of Mexico is breached, the governor of Veracruz, Fidel Herrera, and Sen. Manlio Fabio Beltrones.But apparently, between militancy survives the idea that the handicap seems favorable to the non-reversible in the short term despite the setbacks, like the famous case of small Paulette Gebara, negligently carried black-and initiated campaigns from all over adversaries.

And in the PRD hold major bets on whether Andrés Manuel López Obrador, "with one foot outside the party" as reported the main leaders of this option, would be able, in due course, to recognize the best public positioning of the head of Government Defen, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon. Of course, also has a "black horse"former Rector of the UNAM, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, who awakens enormous sympathy-and apparent-backs in the center of the country and well outside the metropolitan core.

However, despite the increased supply with PAN-sighing inside and outside the presidential-charters, depriving the citizens of the opinion that the PRI and the PRD have an advantage because they offer consolidated leadership, for better or worse depending on the whose tendency to observe, while the PAN can not move even a basic principle of political loyalty to the depositary of the Federal Executive.In fact, when asked about alleged voter names and titles, easily identify the ministers have no doubt Calderon as saying, for or against, the PRI Peña, the PRD and Lopez Obrador Ebrard, located on the dangerous line partisan schism.

Of course, as six years ago, the PAN party with respect to the PRI obvious disadvantage though of divisiveness on the left, has a superior electoral quota for the moment, the PRD. And picks up, no doubt, the growing disqualification to the Calderon regime caught between extreme public insecurity and military agenda of the so called "president."

The Challenge

A little over two months, when we closed the investigation on the presidential succession to the text mentioned above, the advantage of Enrique Peña, noted in thirty-nine percentage points, seemed irreversible. Such a distance that is so enormous, it has never been surpassed in any territory.Despite that, the thundering negative campaign, based on circumstantial facts that have stripped underground conspiracies - who served the former State of Mexico Attorney General Alberto Bazbaz, Governor Peña or his party, the PAN? - Subtract potential could lead to runaway of just under way.

The cleverness of the strategists on the right, that the same throw insults against Peña for the case Paulette or are discreet and keep quiet after the scandalous arrest of "Greg" Sánchez, former mayor of Cancun nominated by the PRD for governor of Quintana Roo and sustained in this instance despite their suspect as well as the use of blatant proselytizing abduction of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos - not that it was not attributable to organized crime as he rushed to declare Mr. Calderón? - exhibits are the ones who rule the roost in terms of political framework of the scandals. As in 2006, with all the "dangers" observed on the left.

Odds fluctuate, the general confusion, too. Abounded.

The Trivia

Ends today "readiness" of Mexicans selected for the World Cup in South Africa.No one can feel good about them despite the efforts of the Mexican television channels have squandered millions and commercial spaces at the cost of tricking the audience captive.

I heard there:

"If in 1917 boasted that the child of foreign parents could choose the country of origin of their parents in case of conflagration, who support" The Basque "Aguirre if the way is to Spain, in the distant and hypothetical If we move through the "tri" after the first knockout round?

Because, of course, the character that makes it a priority to return to the Iberian Peninsula when I can because, simply, Mexico comes upon his family.Already said it but some slyly warranted. Who says we can celebrate in September, a bicentennial independence does not mean mental? We will continue arguing about it.

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