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RAFAEL DE MOLA LORET Tuesday, June 1, 2010 * From the degradation

* Flounder close

* A retrospective

No new story is that of political degradation. What is different after the continuity of the right attached to the last wagon of the hegemonic PRI, is the sophistication of the methods with the usual scattering of the protagonists.Who can doubt, for example, the benefits of the presidential entourage made up of elements with faces of choirboys scolded, as Germain Martinez Cesar Nava, in the charters of the NAP? It is quite complex to solve the riddle about the true intentions of those who make a show of devotion and exalt religious icons like exclusive shelters, or parcels, the party in the position of the Presidency of the Republic. If they are so good ...!

It turns out that in political practice, the excesses of many informal sign of the cross have pushed the country into the morass of inertia and even the edge of the abyss and the underworld. For example, do not tempt the heart-profiting from the current central power now cornered by the military agenda, "to reverse the bad trends during the complex electoral process of 2006.They were undoubtedly those who chose the "black campaign" and established a successful strategy to modify other odds and prospects: simply sweetened the ears of the standard-bearer of the left by polls that placed him above to go shrinking gradually The advantage initially accepted by the recipient of the alleged lead-up to exchange it at a disadvantage on the eve of election day. The protests rang very hollow ...and the messiness of the polls brought an end to collective boredom as a smokescreen.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, overconfident to the point that its operators only took into account every breath of the leader, fell into the trap:it was he who favored the constant opinion polls when it was perceived unattainable and, of course, had no credibility to mark inductions calculated pollsters, when the override be exalted to the right. A pound fully armed and, of course, ended when the final results - how wonderful! - Exhibited a unique similarity to the predictions ...despite the handling of ballots and overwhelmed activity four or five regional laboratories in which the hare is cooked fraud.

A few days ago, Santiago Creel Miranda criticized this columnist have placed in parallel lines, in my recent book "2012:The Succession "-Ocean, 2010 -" Operation cochinita "why the Yucatan calderonistas totaled twenty thousand votes of the poor fellow, this is to reduce the aspirations of Creel in the first of the three primaries of the PAN in 2005, with what happened at the national level after the general election. I concluded that whoever ends up lie after lie forever.From there, the senator mentioned the discomfort PAN strain which is not in doubt, sensing that parallelism is a disqualification for the current federal president, of course, he does not accept. But maybe not but me and said Creel and sits on the work in question. It was nothing, only, to review the facts.Either way, presidentialism remains, even if the senator referred to fight to improve its image by presenting themselves as an alternative to the slogans of Los Pinos. (This puts the writer of these lines).

If we, then, with the background, some of them steeped in evil, then we can not fail to note a concern that increases the passage of recent developments:How far can they go dark intentions in a stirred environment per se, for the climate of insecurity that prevails in the country, largely as the result of the absence of government and the exaltation of the dominant mafias relevant political factors ?

The cases of the strange death of his sister Paulette Gebara, exhausted all conceivable negligence, and "disappearance", then confirm it was a kidnapping-for Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, exalted by the PAN to bring water to his mill towards developing electoral processes must be observed, unfortunately, by the use and disuse proselytizing and purpose of placing the PAN as a victim, especially as to what happened with one of his former presidential candidatetions most relevant in a polluted scenario precisely because of the poor reaction ... of a federal government under the thumb of PAN.

Or is it acceptable, for example, that the leadership of the National Action Querétaro monumental display messages transferring responsibility for the violent environment PRI state authorities when he failed is, of course, the federal structure should preserve the citizenship Stalking death squads, gangs of kidnappers and assassins overwhelmed subversive?Report why the PRI governor, José Calzada, not the federal agent PAN, Felipe Calderón, is a fallacy unsustainable. Or a truism, to put it without euphemisms.


Unfortunately, as we accept some of its protagonists, it is almost impossible, on the convulsive stage of this, expect to win governorships in the states under siege by the cartels, without some sort of negotiation underground.And this raises, at the same time, one of the tragedies of greater significance: if the political class in power, whether in the states or the national horizon, is opting to put up a cartel to the detriment of the other cells of similar criminal level, then political degradation has peaked. And such a predicament would, as we have noted, the viability of the country within the scaffolding of law.

Hence the argument about whether we anchored in the failed state, this is no moral or historical underpinnings of any kind, by the failure of controls and ethics of the growing stupidity of lobbyists and conniving, resulting in gridlock before the widespread phenomenon untouchable mafia. The premise is, yes, Really large gravity.

In 2001, reports from the CISEN established that the drug disappeared from the global spectrum, the U.S. economy would suffer a setback of between 19 and 22 percent, and Mexico, no less, would break up to 63 percent.If we consider that after the most severe structural crisis, the 1995, the fall meant a five per cent, and that this placed us in a precarious situation with widespread effects to this, we can then measure the dimensions of the challenge. More if you look, of course, the political ramifications as those already mentioned above.

"It should be noted that, to be followed up the suggestions of the eternal eulogists of continuity, as evidence against the" facts "?The same philosophy prevails, unfortunately, when the lord of power usurpers territorial or lowering the head after the discretionary decisions of other sovereignty, such as the imposition of visas by Canada or the wrongs of the Arizona-law protests have been, so far, quite innocuous, "and he encourages the community to accept the reality it seeks irreversible.

There is no doubt that distrust is quite obvious seats.Who is to blame, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas and Durango, the social decay that becomes of vendettas, summary executions and killings of gender? "For the PRI who run state charters or PAN with the baton in Federal? This is the painful dilemma that confronts many of the potential voters in the time of the turbulence.

The Challenge

In the display of the strategies, would, at least, that political actors were more discreet and avoid proselytizing practices of the great national tragedies, upon a rally argumentative fasting of basic public morality. Unfortunately, unbridled each other, from ends meet, keep the route to the impudence without stopping, even, to reflect on the damage done to a defenseless society.

But this, and more will respond, when the time of the settlement inevitable, the president Calderon and the cacique air governors, both from the trenches of the PRI, the PRD or the PAN. Because if you look at the autocracy of poblano Mario Marín, PRI, we also glimpse into the feud Zacatecas Amalia García Aguascalientes or to the territory where it operates, without limitation, the PAN leader Luis Armando Reynoso.Since different parties, the lines of the imposition and repression are similar to the misfortune, I repeat, of the Mexicans.

What to do? I wish I had all the answers, but it is not. Suffice it to say that will not be easy if you keep the big lies, really, each of us takes seriously the right to learn, first, to open their eyes, then.

The Trivia

Six years ago, when I wrote "pop"-Ocean, 2004 - the national perspective marked a profound deterioration of the Fox regime before the abandonment of the crucial issues, cornered the president for lack of character and operational capacity. Then came the strategy, driven by some businessmen who felt at risk, to prevent a shift to the left.

I remember in that area, a meeting in Acapulco, calling representatives of the private sector.One of them, at the end of the conference invited me to give me a sharp question:

-Note: None of us here are encouraged to fence the defense of Fox And we are people we should do in our condition of related investors, per se, financial and political continuity.How, then, that ratings for the president are approving, according to polls, and stands as one of the leaders of Latin America's most recognized and supported by the governed?

I said, I remember that the same percentages were favorable for the Salinas and Zedillo ... even when he gave in the Presidency, crushed by the voices for change. Abounded, of course.


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